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Here at Opticus we've dedicated ourselves to making specialized glacier and extreme exposure prescription eyewear for more than 25 years. We began customizing prescription glacier glasses for Antarctic expeditions conducted by the Bureau of Standards back in the ‘80s we've grown to facilitate prescription sunglasses for a broad range of uses. We’ve benefited from the unique ability to repeat the same kinds of orders over and over – and we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

With roots based in prescription glacier glass technology, Opticus specializes in the fabrication of:
-prescription ski glasses
-prescription bike glasses
-prescription motorcycle glasses
-prescription running glasses
-prescription kayak glasses
-prescription fishing glasses
-prescription golf glasses
-prescription tennis glasses
-prescription sailing glasses
...and eyewear for just about any other active sport application!

Our 34 years of optical skills and expertise are also applied to the creation of eyewear for specific conditions of extreme light sensitivity.

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    Altitude Frame Collection

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    Outdoor Frame Collection

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    Goggles and Shields

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    Lens Options

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Opticus is the original and most widely recommended prescription sports eyewear specialist world wide. We achieved this status; not with flashy offers and self-serve shopping carts, but with painstaking service and individual advice.