How do I know which glasses to get? And how do I know if they'll fit?

You may already know or have tried on a model that interests you. If not, we offer our a Test Drive Program. Here’s how it works: Take a look at the frames we offer, pick a couple that you think you might like. Call us so that we can determine that these are viable choices for prescription glacier glasses or any other use with your particular degree of correction.   We’ll send you the final choices, try them on , take them outside, and really feel the fit.  We charge  a deposit for each pair of glasses, but basic shipping within the U.S. is free. Once returned, your deposit will be credited or applied to your purchase.  Your only responsibility is to return the samples by a shipper of your choice within a reasonable period of time and in original condition.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the glasses?

All  frames have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and lenses have  a full 1 year manufacturer’s defect warranty.  Prescription lenses do scratch and coatings do wear. We do not honor lifetime warranties, as specific products and manufacturers can cease to exist (despite their claims to immortality). Your lenses are guaranteed to be ground and made to the prescription given to us at the time of ordering. Dr.’s errors (changes and re-do’s) are done at a 50% discount within 60 days of invoice date.  For additional warranty information see our POLICIES page.

How do I know which lenses I need?

Our trained staff will discuss your personal needs to ensure that the lenses you choose will work in your situation, whether you are climbing Everest, hiking local  trails or just being outside!

Do you take health insurance?

We are not part of any health insurance organizations. Depending on your plan, you may be able to be reimbursed for part or all of your purchases. Most health insurance plans dictate what labs, materials and processes we use, but that’s exactly what sets our products apart!  So rather than compromise on quality and performance, we are independent of any insurance companies.

What is a P.D.?

P.D. stands for Pupillary Distance. This measures how far apart your eyes are. This measurement ensures that we  properly center your lenses in the frames. Your Doctor may or may not have it, so you may need to call the last place that made a pair of glasses for you to get this measurement…and save the number as it should be good for life!

Have a question that isn't answered here? We're always happy to answer your questions via phone!