Special Lens Treatments

NXT Material
NXT is a relatively new resin-polycarbonate hybrid available in a large majority of our lens filter options. It affords increased impact resistance and roughly a 20% reduction in thickness over more conventional materials. In some cases such as the Photo-Polar lenses, NXT is the only option available. NXT does require more production time and additional costs can be substantial. NXT is not for everybody! Inquire and we will be happy to weigh the pros and cons.

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Lens Back Routing
Opticus can fit any type of glacier frame with prescriptions! Thicker lenses can prevent side shields from seating correctly on the frame. Opticus exclusively eliminates this obstacle with a special lens cutting process called back routing. This process creates a thin edge in the area of the side shield to allow a trouble free fit.
- The cost is $25 per pair, if needed.

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Anti-Fog Coating
A longer lasting anti-fog substrate can be applied to most of our lenses. This substrate functions like a “magnet” allowing a refresher application to last longer and more ef´Čüciently. This “refresher” should be applied once a month according to instructions. Heavy exposure to water can require an additional refresher treatment to rejuvenate the anti-fog function. Is this a perfect answer to fogging? No, it simply helps to mitigate this nuisance to a more acceptable level.
- Cost $60 (Includes initial spin cast coating procedure and refresher kit)
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The extreme curvature of 8 base wrapped frames can drastically effect prescriptions beyond the effect of more moderately wrapped frames.  A DIGITALLY COMPENSATED lens utilizes computer driven aspheric modifications to decrease peripheral distortion and increase the area of optimum visual clarity.  This process is required in all but the most minor prescriptions going into 8 base frames.   

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-Wrap Prep
The curvature of a sunglass frame can dramatically effect net prescription power often resulting in less clarity, altered depth perception and peripheral distortion.  WRAP PREP simulates the effect before the lens is surfaced so that power modifications, astigmatic alterations, as well as prism inductions can be introduced to offset a large portion of these symptoms.  A record of prescription modifications is included on the invoice.  WRAP PREP  is necessary on all but the most minor prescriptions in moderately wrapped frames.  $25.00
In more dramatically curved (8 base wrapped) frames, a full digitally compensated lens may be necessary or it may even be necessary to choose a more prescription friendly frame design if the prescription does not meet the process parameters.

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